Season 2 – Week #24: An Empty Room with Nick Faye – “Kansas”

With Nick Faye’s performance of his song “Kansas”, season 2 of the Empty Room series comes to a close.  Nick Faye & The Deputies are a band from the deepest depths of the Canadian Prairies (Regina, SK). They make music that sticks to your ribs, like a big plate of perogies and sour cream. They will be heading into the studio in November to record their third full length album.  For more information go to:

With all 24 videos from this season now on YouTube, you can watch these 12 talented Saskatchewan artists perform anytime you want!  There is so much talent in our home province and we’re grateful to SaskMusic and CBC Radio for helping us share some of that talent with all of you through this series.

You’ve seen the videos of these 12 talented artists, but let’s not forget about the talented man behind the scenes – artistic director for the series Brent Nielsen!  We’d like to give a big thanks to Brent for all the hard work he has put into the series over the last two years.  As camera man, sound tech, editor, and creator of the series, Brent really does it all!

Thank you to everyone who has been following the series and supporting Saskatchewan music!

Season 2 – Week #23: An Empty Room with Ryan Boldt – “Fallen Leaves”

This Thanksgiving we are thankful to have Ryan Boldt’s performance of “Fallen Leaves” as the newest edition to our Empty Room series!  Born and raised on the prairies, Ryan Boldt released 5 albums over 10 years with his band The Deep Dark Woods.  Inspired by the traditional music of America and England, he is currently working on his second solo album “Yarrow”, which will be released soon with a tour to follow.  For more information, go to  If you missed Ryan’s first video “San Juan Hill”, head on over to YouTube to check it out.

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Season 2 – Week #22: An Empty Room with Kara Golemba – “Puzzle”

This week brings singer-songwriter Kara Golemba to the centre of an Empty Room for a performance of her song “Puzzle”!  Found at the crossroads of Folk, Country & Americana, all Golemba needs is her crooked grin, a spark of mischief in her eyes, and a heartfelt story combined with her powerful voice to take her audience on a journey worth remembering.  As the recent winner of the 620 CKRM Proudly Saskatchewan showcase and the Spirit of Saskatchewan songwriting award for “Mason Jar of Memories” (week# 10 of Empty Room) Kara has established herself as a strong up and coming Saskatchewan singer-songwriter.  She recently released her debut 6 song EP “Every Little Light”, recorded at Studio ONE by Jason Plumb, which is available for purchase or stream on all digital platforms.  For more on Kara go to

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Season 2 – Week #21: An Empty Room with Poor Nameless Boy – “River & Trees”

Poor Nameless Boy is back in an Empty Room this week to perform his song “River & Trees”.  This Regina-based indie folk artist’s mellow sound is personal, speaking honestly about love, life, and our changing hearts in a busy world. He has been described as a lighter version of Noah Gunderson with the wispy sounds of Gregory Alan Isakov.  For more information on this artist go to

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Season 2 – Week #20: An Empty Room with Rugged Little Thing – “Rocks and Shield”

Rugged Little Thing’s performance of “Rocks and Shield” is the newest addition to our Empty Room series!  Born out of kitchen jams and late nights by campfires in Canada’s north, this dynamic duo blends together a perfect cocktail of Old Time, Bluegrass, and Folk Music that feels like home.  This is the 20th video in the series, meaning there are only 4 more to go and there are 19 other Empty Room videos currently on our YouTube channel (not to mention all the videos from last season)!  Go to for the latest information on Rugged Little Thing and stay tuned for another 4 weeks of new content.

Season 2 – Week #19: An Empty Room with Andino Suns – “Estado de Nada”

The Spanish language makes its return to the Empty Room series this week with the Andino Suns’ performance of their song “Estado de Nada”!  In the video, the trio is accompanied by violinist Karley Parovsky of the Regina Symphony Orchestra. Andino Suns have been captivating audiences throughout Canada with fiery instrumentation, inspirational live performances and a resounding message of freedom, hope and love. Their worldly music fuses the vibrant traditional sounds of Latin America with modern grooves and rhythms.  Andino Suns will be touring their dance party throughout Western Canada in the Fall of 2016 (including a stop at the CCC in October) to promote the release of their third Album – Madera.  For more on Andino Suns and their upcoming tour go to

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Season 2 – Week #18: An Empty Room with Chris Henderson – “My Regret”

This week brings us Chris Henderson’s second song in the Empty Room series!  This country artist spends more time on the road than he does at home, but no matter where he is you can now watch him perform “My Regret” anytime from anywhere!  Henderson has been one of the busiest recording acts in the country and has won several awards and contests including: 620 CKRM Big Country Talent Search, “The Next Big Thing”, 20 SCMA Award Nominations, and many national features such as the CCMA Fanfest Contest, and the Boots & Hearts Emerging Artist Showcase.  For more information on Chris go to:

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Season 2 – Week #17: An Empty Room with Eileen Laverty – “State Of Mind”

Today Eileen Laverty returns to the Empty Room for a performance of her song “State Of Mind”!  Saskatoon’s Eileen Laverty has performed across Canada and Ireland entertaining all ages with her upbeat messages, strong vocals, and heartfelt lyrics. She has toured with internationally renowned artists Mary Black, John McDermott, and Kenny Rogers.  For more on Eileen go

If you missed her first Empty Room video, be sure to check out “Wildest Dreams” from week #5 on our YouTube channel.

17 down with 7 more to go – stay tuned for a new video every Monday for the next 7 weeks!

Season 2 – Week #16: An Empty Room with In With The Old – “Mistreated Mama”

Today In With The Old makes old new again with their rendition of Virginia Liston’s “Mistreated Mama”! The northern Saskatchewan trio seamlessly combines raw talent and prairie camaraderie with a passion and respect for the music from the past.  Young and dedicated, they take a unique approach to memorable old-tyme music through gifted harmonies and infectious songwriting all told through a small town perspective. In July of 2014, they released their debut EP, ‘Rollin’ on Down the Plains’, and have plans to release a new full-length album in 2016.    For more information on In With The Old and their upcoming album go to:

If you missed their first Empty Room video, an original song, be sure to check it out on our YouTube channel.  As always, tune in to CBC Radio Monday mornings at 8:15am to hear the newest Empty Room track.

Season 2 – Week #15: An Empty Room with Annette – “Sable Sous Mes Pieds”

Français (English below)
Cette semaine nous présente la deuxième chanson Empty Room d’Annette!  Contrairement à sa première chanson, celle-ci est en français.  L’enregistrement démontre cette auteure-compositrice-interprète bilingue dans une prestation musicale de sa chanson “Sable sous mes pieds”.  Annette fait partie de la scène musicale pendant vingt-cinq années et avant de se lancer dans une carrière solo, elle faisait parti des groupes Folles Avoine et Hart Rouge.  Pour plus d’information sur Annette, visite son site-web

Pour voir d’autres vidéos dans la série, vous pouvez vous abonnez à notre chaîne youtube!  Vous pouvez aussi entendre l’audio de chaque nouvel enregistrement tous les lundis à 8h15 du matin sur la CBC Morning Edition avec Sheila Coles.  Il nous reste encore neuf semaines de vidéos dans cette saison!

This week brings us Annette’s second Empty Room track!  In the video, this bilingual singer-songwriter shows off her French side with a performance of her song “Sable Sous Mes Pieds”.  Annette has been part of the music scene for over twenty-five years, having worked with groups Folle Avoine and Hart Rouge before embarking on a solo career.  For more information on Annette go to

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