Week #2: An Empty Room with Danny Olliver – “Speak to You”

The second instalment of the Empty Room series features Danny Olliver’s performance of “Speak to You” with his sister, Samantha Goertz, singing harmony!  Danny, a singer-songwriter from Regina, will be touring Eastern Canada over the summer.  For more on Danny Olliver, go to www.dannyolliver.com.

If you missed last week’s episode with Megan Nash, scroll down to check out her performance.  Subscribe to our youtube channel to follow the Empty Room video series and tune in to CBC Radio every Monday at 8:15 a.m. to hear the audio broadcast on the Morning Edition with Stefani Langenegger.

May 2 – Nightrunner Scavenger Hunt

Free, with suggested donation of $20 per team

Night Runner promoThe Nightrunner Team is holding an INTERACTIVE Scavenger Hunt to raise funds for the film (more details here)!

Get together a Team of 2 or 3 (families with children can compete as one team). Starting at 7:00pm till 10:00 pm bring your team down and register at the Creative City Centre – Haque Gallery. Register your team name to receive your list of clues for the scavenger hunt.
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Josh Gonzales Band with Danny Olliver and Kaeli Dane, Nov. 22, Doors at 7:30, $10

Josh GonzalesJosh Gonzales is a Filipino singer-songwriter raised and currently based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.  His music is breezy, light, and emotive, a brand Josh calls “soul-folk-pop”.  The music takes on a slight Hawaiian/Polynesian feel with lilting guitars, light percussion, throbbing keyboards, and galloping rhythms with vocals reminiscent of a combination between Bill Withers and John Mayer. Josh paints a picture of heartwarming honesty and incredible vulnerability, using his musical experience to poignantly showcase his eclectic, creative, and penetrating spirit and work ethic.  The result is music that lasts, containing beautiful sounds, melodies, and harmonies that are incredibly catchy and worthy of repeated listens.

Josh is in the middle of recording his first full length album with his songwriting partner/guitarist Thomas St. Onge, adding the musical experience of Jon Fearnside on bass and Cyprian Henry on drums. [Read more…]

Yes We Mystic with Danny Goertz, June 7, Doors at 7:30pm, $10

600848_472823696124867_785499745_nYes We Mystic is an indie folk band from Winnipeg which captures a bygone era with a fresh, energetic sound. Taking cues from traditional folk and contemporary indie rock, they deliver quiet acoustic melodies and soaring, triumphant crescendos. This is music to make you feel joy through your sorrow.

While Yes We Mystic was originally formed in 2011 as an acoustic folk band, their sound has evolved to include electric instruments and a modern mindset. Memorable harmonies and powerful strings are offset by distant guitars and complex rhythms.

In their hometown of Winnipeg, the band is known for their passionate live show. They have recently shared the stage with such acts as Rah Rah, Two Hours Traffic, and The Wilderness of Manitoba. Their debut EP, Floods and Fires, will be released in September.

Danny Goertz is a young, energetic guitarist and singer/songwriter from Regina, Saskatchewan. Within three years of playing shows in Regina, he has established himself as a gifted folk/indie artist. With influences like Mumford and Sons, Bob Dylan, Coldplay, The Tallest Man on Earth, and other classic and contemporary artists, Danny has managed to create a sound that blends his own music with that of his influences. You are always guaranteed to hear something different at his shows, whether it is new material or the same song played in a different way. Danny Goertz is an act you won’t want to miss.


Take It All In!

It’s one of the oldest cliches out there: listening to a friend moan that they have nothing to wear while they paw through a closet that’s bursting at the seams. That’s how I feel every time someone tells me that there’s nothing to do in Regina.

The Saskatchewan music and arts scene is growing every day. Acts like Belle Plaine, The Deep Dark Woods, B.D. Willoughby and Eileen Laverty have been entertaining crowds across the country. While emerging artists like Danny Goertz, Nick Faye and Alexis Normand are ensuring that Saskatchewan music will only continue to develop.

As the music scene grows the need for venues grows in tandem. The last few years have seen the arrival of not only The Creative City Centre but the Artesian on 13th and The Artful Dodger Cafe & Music Emporium. These three venues offer a dedicated concert experience at three different levels of capacity. The CCC is the smallest venue with a capacity of 50, making it the perfect intimate space for singer/songwriters and emerging artists. At 125, the Artful Dodger is a great space for artists with a bit more market exposure and at a 200 seat capacity, The Artesian offers a great option for artists who can attract a larger audience but want to maintain a sense of intimacy.

All three venues offer performance opportunities for artists and infuse a vibrant concert culture into our community, but let’s be honest, making a business thrive these days is tough. When you’re talking about an arts organization, things tend to get that much tougher. Luckily, there’s strength in numbers.

The Creative City Centre, The Artful Dodger Cafe & Music Emporium and The Artesian on 13th have partnered together on a new project we’re calling “Take It All In.” Instead of pitting one venue against another, we’re pooling our resources and working together to promote our concerts, increase ticket sales and develop the next generation of music audiences in our community. Check it out by visiting www.takeitallin.ca.There you’ll find a joint events calendar listing concerts at each venue along with a monthly mixtape and links to all the individual venue websites. Not only are there tons of things to do in Regina, there’s now a one-stop shop for all your concert-going info.

Now you’ll just need to decide what to wear…..

Jenny Berkel, Kayla Luky, Bravest Ghost and Danny Goertz, Saturday, March 24, 8 pm doors, $15 at the door

Okay….we’ve had some pretty good shows here since we opened.  Really good shows in fact.  But if we had to pick a few standouts, well, Jenny Berkel‘s show last November was one of them.  It was blizzarding, but we didn’t care, the music was so darn good.  Another standout was the night that Kayla Luky played here with Danny Goertz and Descalso.  So when we received an email from Jenny asking if she could book March 24, and about 10 minutes later, got another email from Kayla asking if she could book March 24…well, there was really only one thing we could do.  We said yes to both of them, and are presenting these two talented women, plus the artists they are touring with, adding in a sprinkle of Danny, and making it one big night of outstanding music.  YOU NEED TO SEE THIS SHOW!  When have we used caps before?  Never.  So take that as a sign…get your tickets in advance for $12, or pay $15 at the door.  The show is on Saturday, March 24.  It’ll be spring by then, the crocus will be blooming, we’ll feel great, and the music will be awesome and endless.  Put it in your calendar right now.  [Read more…]

Eileen Laverty, with Danny Goertz, November 26, 8 pm

Eileen Laverty was here for Culture Days in September and did a lovely solo set.  Now she is bringing her full band to our little stage, and we couldn’t be happier!  The Eileen Laverty Trio is actually going to be a quintuplet, as she has expanded her lineup to include Greg Hargarten on guitar, Downtown Jesse Brown on piano, Corey Hildebrand on bass guitar and Charles Dumont on drums.  These are all stellar players…it is going to be an amazing concert.  Tickets are $20 and must be purchased in advance.  We are expecting this show to sell out, so don’t wait too long to get your tickets.  And to make it an even better night, we’ve added Danny Goertz to the line-up.

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Descalso and Danny Goertz, Friday, September 30, doors at 7:30 pm

Danny Goertz

Culture Days continues and we are bringing you two of Regina’s most promising up and coming talents for a free concert at the Creative City Centre.  Yes, we have raved about Danny Goertz on these pages in the past, and now you can check him out completely free of charge.  And while we’re busy raving about Danny Goertz, we’re also going to rave about Descalso.  These young men are all talented beyond their years.  And now this is your chance to see them while we celebrate Culture Days. This is the future of our talent pool…right here.  Doors open at 7:30 pm, the music starts at 8:00 pm, so don’t wait until 9 to leave the house!  It’s free of charge and we only have 50 seats in the house.  Come early to get a good seat!   [Read more…]

Reuben Bullock with Danny Goertz, Saturday, September 17, 8 pm doors

Reuben Bullock


On Saturday, September 17th, we are presenting an evening with two very exceptionally talented young men.  Reuben Bullock is coming to us from Calgary, Alberta, while Danny Goertz is coming all the way from the sound end of Regina.  Reuben has been garnering stellar reviews for his recorded works and live shows, while Danny has enthralled audiences at our venue twice already.  Tickets are $8 in advance, at Ticket Edge, and $10 at the door.  Get your tickets in advance, or come down early to get your seats.  This would be an excellent “date night”.

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Kayla Luky & Danny Goertz, Tuesday, July 19, 8 pm

We fell in love with Danny Goertz when he opened for A Waste Oddyssey in May, so when he contacted us about playing here again on a bill with Kayla Luky, we immediately said “yes”.  Then we listened to some of Kayla’s tunes, and we were really glad we said yes so quickly.  This is going to be a special night of music.  Get your tickets. Now.

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