December 5 – Sarah Farthing with Kara Golemba

Sarah Farthing

Sarah Farthing

Doors at 7:30pm; Show at 8:00pm
$10 + GST in advance; $12 + GST at the door
All ages
Cash bar (19+ with valid ID)

With a voice like burnt brown sugar and lyrics as raw as her sound, Sarah Farthing’s roots-tinged folk feels just as deeply as you do. From the ambivalent catharsis of “Aw Hell” to the slightly unhinged “Ghost” to the patient disquiet of “How Will I Know,” Farthing’s music skims the darker edges of human emotion. Her sound nestles into the junction between roots and folk, with a healthy dose of blues to match her heavier thoughts.

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Week #23: An Empty Room with Eliza Doyle – “Coulda Had It All”

Banjo-playing songstress Eliza Doyle (Midnight Roses, Hard Ramblers, Cracker Cats) is our second last Empty Room feature!  In this video, Eliza performs her song “Coulda Had It All” to an Empty Room, accompanied by bandmate Paula McGuigan on stand up bass and harmonies!  Doyle is currently making her first ever solo album with Paula and Liza Holder (Stackwall Studios).  Thanks to the Empty Room, we get to discover Eliza as a solo artist before the release of her album.  To check out Eliza with the Midnight Roses go to, and if you haven’t seen her first Empty Room video “Underground” be sure to check that out too.

To see more videos from the series, go subscribe our youtube channel.  This is week 23 of our 24 week series, so tune in for our last Empty Room track next Monday!!  Listen to CBC Radio’s Morning Edition with Sheila Coles at 8:15am to hear the track’s debut, then check out the video!

Week #22: An Empty Room with Jen Lane – “Waiting For You”

This Thanksgiving we are thankful to have Jen Lane’s performance of “Waiting For You” as the newest edition to our Empty Room series!  Looking back over the past eight years, Saskatoon-based recording artist Jen Lane has come to realize that the trials and tribulations she endured during that time has led to the creation of what is thus far her most personal, most compelling and most powerfully evocative album.  “Waiting For You” is a new song that finds Jen Lane in the exact place that she has always been meant to be; at the very heart of where country, roots and folk music harmoniously intertwine.

Catch Jen Lane “live” in Regina at O’Hanlon’s on Tuesday October 20th, and go to for a list of all upcoming tour dates!

There are 21 other Empty Room tracks waiting for you on our YouTube channel right now!  With two new tracks still to come be sure to tune in to CBC Radio next Monday morning at 8:15am to hear the debut of the next Empty Room track on the Morning Edition with Sheila Coles!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Week #21: An Empty Room with Rosie and the Riveters – “Red Dress”

Today Rosie and the Riveters revive retro once again in an Empty Room with their performance “Red Dress”!  The song is from their upcoming album, which will be released on October 8!  The release will be paired with 4 release shows in different cities, so they’ll be coming to you soon!

October 8 in Swift Current, October 9 in Saskatoon, October 10 in Regina and October 11 in Prince Albert.  The Regina show on October 10 will be held at the Artesian.  For more information on the Riveters and their upcoming release go to:

If you missed their first Empty Room video, be sure to check it out on our YouTube channel.  Only 3 more weeks to go, but that’s still 3 Mondays to stay tuned for new videos!

Week #16: An Empty Room with Keiffer Mclean – “Teeth”

Keiffer Mclean’s performance of “Teeth” is the newest edition to our Empty Room series!  On September 24, Keiffer will be taking his performance to a full room at the German Club (Regina). For more information on Keiffer Mclean and upcoming shows go to

If you missed Mclean’s first Empty Room video “Yesterdaisies” (or if you just want to watch it again), you’ll find it on our YouTube channel along with 14 videos of other talented Saskatchewan artists.

Remember to tune in to CBC Radio next Monday morning at 8:15am to hear the debut of the next Empty Room track on the Morning Edition.

Karyn Ellis and Marina Marina with Eden Rohatensky, Sept. 30, Doors at 7:30, $10

Karyn EllisGuelph Mercury calls her “a revelation.” Globe and Mail says Karyn Ellis is a “must-see” songstress and has “a magical way with song.” Whether singing heartfelt tunes or leading raucous sing-a-longs, Karyn is engaging, funny and smart and her fine acoustic guitar-playing complements her sweet, dynamic voice. A modern folk darling, her thoughtful lyrics are about every-day wonders, beauty and hope. Calgary Herald gives four stars to Karyn’s album, Even Though The Sky Was Falling, adding: “This is a woman with stories.”

To date Karyn has independently released four albums – her most recent one More Than A Hero came out this winter – and has played over five hundred live appearances. [Read more…]

Togs, Talent and Turkey Dinner: Fall arrives at the Creative City Centre

I have no idea where September went. I swear it was here a second ago and now I’m hauling myself out of a turkey-induced coma to write October’s blog.  [Read more…]

Jenny Berkel, Kayla Luky, Bravest Ghost and Danny Goertz, Saturday, March 24, 8 pm doors, $15 at the door

Okay….we’ve had some pretty good shows here since we opened.  Really good shows in fact.  But if we had to pick a few standouts, well, Jenny Berkel‘s show last November was one of them.  It was blizzarding, but we didn’t care, the music was so darn good.  Another standout was the night that Kayla Luky played here with Danny Goertz and Descalso.  So when we received an email from Jenny asking if she could book March 24, and about 10 minutes later, got another email from Kayla asking if she could book March 24…well, there was really only one thing we could do.  We said yes to both of them, and are presenting these two talented women, plus the artists they are touring with, adding in a sprinkle of Danny, and making it one big night of outstanding music.  YOU NEED TO SEE THIS SHOW!  When have we used caps before?  Never.  So take that as a sign…get your tickets in advance for $12, or pay $15 at the door.  The show is on Saturday, March 24.  It’ll be spring by then, the crocus will be blooming, we’ll feel great, and the music will be awesome and endless.  Put it in your calendar right now.  [Read more…]

Samantha Savage Smith, with Robyn Barbour, Saturday, March 17, doors at 8 pm, $10

Samantha Savage Smith

Sometimes one of those new talents come across your desk, and you know that there’s something special going on here.  This is the case with Samantha Savage Smith.  When her agent approached us about doing a show here, we listened to her tunes (the way we listen to everyone before we book ’em), and immediately emailed back with a YES.  So on Saturday, March 17th, come check out Samantha Savage Smith.  The opening act is Robyn Barbour, who comes highly recommended by Nick Faye.  And if Nick Faye says she’s good, she’s probably really good.  Come check out these two talented women, Saturday, March 17th.  Tickets are $10 at the door, doors open at 8 pm and the music will start at 8:30 pm.  It’s practically spring…no more excuses to stay at home! [Read more…]

Jenny Berkel, with Nick Faye, Thursday, November 17, 8 pm doors

Jenny Berkel


On Thursday, November 17th, we present Winnipeg’s Jenny Berkel in concert, with special guest, Regina’s own Nick Faye.   This is going to be a pretty special pairing of artists, and we hope you will brave the snowy weather to join us!   Tickets are $10 at the door.

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