Week #1: An Empty Room with Megan Nash – “Try”

We are so excited to launch “An Empty Room” with Megan Nash’s performance of “Try”!  Watch the video today and tune into CBC’s Morning Edition tomorrow (Tuesday) morning for the official Radio launch of the series!  CBC will be airing the audio of this recording and Brent Nielsen, the artistic director of the series, will on at 8:15am to tell you all about it!  Subscribe to our youtube channel to follow this weekly series and tune into CBC every Monday morning to hear the audio from each live off the floor recording.  For more on Megan Nash, go to http://www.megannash.ca

The man behind the series!

“An Empty Room” would not be possible without all the work of brilliant artistic director for the series, Brent Nielsen.  A man of many talents, including camera man, sound tech and editor, we would like to thank Brent for all the hard work he has put into this series and the many hours he has devoted to the making of “An Empty Room”.  On Tuesday morning, you have a chance to hear about the series from the man behind the scenes!  Tune in to CBC Radio’s Morning Edition Tuesday at 8:15am to hear him discuss “An Empty Room” with Stefani Langenagger.  The Morning Edition is at 102.5 f.m. and 540 a.m. on your radio’s dial.

Empty Room series to Launch next week!

Megan Nash recording for An Empty Room.

Megan Nash recording for An Empty Room.

We are about to launch our cool new video series “An Empty Room”.  The series showcases some of Saskatchewan’s most promising artists, such as Megan Nash, Colter Wall, and Rosie & the Riveters.  Why look beyond our borders when Saskatchewan has so much to offer?  Exactly… that’s why we didn’t.

Twelve Saskatchewan acts have been hand picked to perform two songs each to an empty room in the Hague Gallery at Creative City Centre.  We will be posting one video a week for 24 weeks, starting this Monday with Megan Nash!  The audio from these live performances will be broadcast on CBC Radio’s Morning Edition with Stefani Langenagger.  (This week, the audio will be on CBC on Tuesday morning, due to the long weekend.)  Stay tuned for the first video or subscribe to our YouTube channel to make sure you don’t miss any of these great performances!

Sneak Peek of upcoming Empty Room series!

We are excited to announce our upcoming Empty Room series with this sneak peek video!  Empty Room is a video series, which will feature live recordings of artists performing to an empty room at the Creative City Centre!  The videos get recorded in the Hague Gallery and yesterday we had our first recording session with the wonderful Megan Nash!  We’re so excited that we’re releasing this video from yesterday in which Megan performs “Deer Head”, a song from her newest album “Song Harvest Volume One” before the official start of the series!   It was lots of fun to do and the song was done in one take, just like it would be during a live performance, only without the audience.  Stay tuned for more information on the Empty Room series and subscribe to our youtube channel for more videos like this!  For more on Megan Nash go to: http://www.megannash.ca.  Her album – which just got released today! – is available on Bandcamp and iTunes.