Renovation Story

The Centre is located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of 1843 Hamilton Street, above The Capitol Restaurant and Cocktail Bar, where Loggie’s Shoes sat for over 100 years. The building was constructed in 1912, and its historical uses include residential, retail, sewing classes and storage.


Prior to the start of our renovations in 2008, the top floor had not been used for anything other than storage since 1951. Paint was peeling off the ceiling; the windows were bricked over and boarded up; and there were holes where walls had previously divided the room into four suites. Founder Marian Donnelly saw past all of this to envision the space as an intimate performance venue and creative hub.


Over the course of 3 years, Marian and a small volunteer workforce poured their hearts, muscles and time into manifesting this vision.


They installed a new wall to create two washrooms, uncovered the windows, patched the holes in the ceiling, installed new electrical and mechanical, painted, and built a stage.


Transformed from the dark, dilapidated condition in which it was found, into a bright and comfortable venue for art of all kinds, the Creative City Centre opened its doors in May 2011.

full house

Financing for the first phase of the renovations was arranged through personal loans from Dr. Roberta McKay and Elmer Brenner, Jacqui Shumiatcher, Donnelly Enterprises, and Carol Cairns. The funds covered installing plumbing, electrical and mechanical on both floors, and completing cosmetic renovations on the third floor. We also secured a grant from the Benjamin Moore Foundation to help cover the costs of the paint, wood stain, varnish and other painting supplies.

The Creative City Centre is truly a product of the blood, sweat and hope of the community that it serves.