October 8 – Suns & Poets

Suns & Poets Website PhotoThe infectious Latin vibe of Andino Suns together with the foot stompin’ grit of The Stillhouse Poets.

Saturday October 8, 2016
Doors at 7:30pm. Starts at 8pm.
$15 + GST in Advance; $17 + GST at the Door
All ages.  Cash bar (19+ with valid ID).

Five musicians, two acts, one night – Suns & Poets join forces to light up the stage of our intimate Hague Gallery for the first time!  Advance tickets are now closed.  There are only a few seats left that will be available at the door.

Andino Suns

Andino Suns

The music of Andino Suns may have been forged in the fire of Chilean revolt –which it undoubtedly is- but it is also rooted heavily in the fabric of the vast Canadian prairies.

Andres Davalos, as well as both guitar players Andres Palma and recent addition, Cristian Moya (formerly of Descalso), are the sons of political exiles who found security in the Canadian prairies. They were raised in households that cherished its Chilean heritage. They learned the language and the history; they read the books, watched the shows and, most importantly, they listened to the music.

The band hasn’t slowed down since its inception in 2009. Their raucous and memorable live performances have made securing festival gigs pretty easy; and the band’s popularity and skill continue to grow steadily. Performances across Canada have included JunoFest, SaskTel Jazz Fest, the Regina Folk Festival and Ness Creek in Saskatchewan; Festival du Bout du Monde, and Festival des Traditions du Monde in Quebec; and Cold Snap Festival in British Columbia. They also represented Saskatchewan at Mundial Montreal, Folk Alliance International in Kansas, and the 2015 Western Canadian Music Industry Awards in Victoria.

Their third full length LP, Madera, combines the sizzling sounds of South American sun with the earthiness of prairie solitude. It’s laced with elements of traditional Andean music; (those with a keen ear for sound will notice charango, quena and Toyos) yet it also contains the charm and sensibilities of art, which, although far from its origins, feels more than comfortable in its surroundings.

The Stillhouse Poets

The Stillhouse Poets

The Stillhouse Poets are a roots duo from Regina. Their influences are drawn deep from the musical well waters of the Mississippi Delta and the Appalachian mountains. With songs about blood & dusty bibles, black crows & barbed wire, there’s a “prairie gothic” theme that runs through the music.

Brent Nielsen (guitar, harmonica, loop pedal, harmony vocal) and Kirk Hextall (lead vocal, light percussion) are the men behind the music. They have two albums of mostly co-written material. The two CD releases were sold out shows here at The CCC.

Both albums are given a stripped down treatment. There’s no lipstick or rouge, just foot stompin’ grit. It’s backwoods harmony with a kick drum heart.

The Stillhouse Poets are currently recording new material for their 3rd record.

“I was surprised to hear so much sound coming from just two guys”.
– some guy in the audience

**Please be advised the performance space (Hague Gallery) is on the 3rd floor, up 2 flights of stairs.  Unfortunately, we do not have an elevator or a chair lift.

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