Killjoy Club presents Val Halla, Jessica Tran, and firestarter, Nov. 19, Doors at 7:30, $10

The Killjoy Club is a new collective of artist-organizers who seek to develop opportunities for creative feminist expression. Their first initiative, a performance series held every two months at the Creative City Centre, showcases artists of diverse disciplines and identities with the intention of building community around art. It offers space for queer, trans* and female artists to share their voices, ideas and art with a supportive audience in an intimate environment. Together, the community built through this series will strive to create a culture of consent, respect and safety for performers and audience members alike. And then they will bring down The Patriarchy, everywhere and forever.

Our first event in this bi-monthly series will feature the following artists, and include an open mic (we encourage you to bring something to share!).

Val Halla

Val Halla was born in Regina to a hot-air-balloon-pilot, fiddle-playing father, and a motorcycle-riding, visual-artist mother. The cold harsh winters, coupled with humble prairie life, led Val to develop a wild imagination and a deep love of music. At the age of 5 she was playing the piano and wrote her first song. By the time she was 11, Val had just started learning songs of the 90’s grunge movement, playing on an old nylon string classical guitar her grandfather had given to her mother. After a few years of lessons focusing on grunge and rock ‘n roll, Val’s guitar teacher was finally able to persuade her parents to buy her an electric guitar. She soon discovered the joys of overdriven guitar tones and new sonic and technical landscapes. Now an endorsing artist for Mack Amps, Carparelli Guitars, and GHS Strings, she has found a unique style and sound all her own, and is making big waves in the guitar and music communities alike. Some have gone so far as to call it a new genre where Grunge and Country meet in a hybrid called “Gruntry” music. She has shared the stage with Rock greats like Alice Cooper & Burton Cummings, but after a 3-and-a-half year stint living in Nashville, has fused her love of rock with her discoveries in country, roots, & blue grass music. With an ever growing fanbase in both the U.S. and Canada, Val will be touring in support of a new release in spring of 2015.

Jessica Tran

Born in Regina over 20 years ago, Jessica Tran is recognized as a friend, poet, restaurant goer, movie commentator, conspiracy theorist, smiling eyes, talk broker, a heart sans command, and brain barb wired. But somewhere between all the flux and the fuss, she finds the nook of courage within her to share the pieces of her life that point to where the nervous system ends and goosebumps begin. If you ask her, she’ll tell you she has “literally done nothing with her life” however those who hear her poetry would most likely argue otherwise. Known only as JTran to most of her friends, Jessica creates strings of words that inspire some, illuminate most and captivate all.


The solo project of Jaye Kovach (Homo Monstrous), firestarter is stuck somewhere between a soundscape and a pop song. Using drum machines, synthesizers, and an electric guitar plugged into a small army of effects pedals, they sculpt loop-based tracks that are as pretty as they are downright vile. At times overly earnest, this is the home for discarded Homo Monstrous lyrics – things that are too hard or inappropriate to say while covered in fake blood.


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